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To the MSACS membership:

Fall 2000 is moving quickly by, but it has not escaped the reality that your association has done things that will increase your professionalism and better place you in the mainstream in the years to come.

We shared an extremely successful meeting in Topeka, KS. The educational sessions were great. The meeting started with a CSREF funded bonus session Blueprint for Textbooks II. Danny Kee (joined later by Randy Storm) not only delivered the latest educational information but added a feel-good attitude that puts real vitality in our day-to-day efforts. Security, catalogs and HR topics also added to our professionalism for our campuses. Andy Jett and the education committee certainly have delivered on their promise to deliver timely and quality professional information to increase our future success.

An exciting announcement was made at our business meeting on Monday, Oct. 16. Remember this: WWW.MSACS.ORG and use it regularly. Scott Trainer, Vender VP on the board, worked diligently over the last year to make this site a reality for our association. The Board had two goals in mind when it set the objective of creating a web site.

    1. We wanted to increase communication.
    2. We wanted to have meeting information and registration forms more readily available to you, the membership.

Please visit this site. Changes in your membership information should be sent to Donna Cason, Membership Committee Chair, at Allen County Community College Bookstore in Iola, KS to have it updated.

If you have news for the association, please forward it to Nancy Beaman or Judy Vitters. They have agreed to mail a newsletter and to get the information on the website. Thank you for doing this for the association!

Looking ahead, I’ll reflect on another decision made by the current board. The spring meeting will not include a trade show this year. We will rotate the spring meeting among the four states. The spring 2001 meeting will be held in Nebraska. Nancy Beaman is in the process of finalizing the details. Offering timely education and networking opportunities for both store and vendor members is our goal for this spring’s meeting. We will also host another reception at CAMEX in New Orleans on Monday night at the close of the buying show. Watch for a future announcement! It’s not too early to be thinking about your travel plans for these upcoming events.

At the business meeting I mentioned the death of Margie Yingling, Past President of the association from 1986-88. Margie had much enthusiasm and energy, and she offered it to the association freely. If you did not know or have not had the opportunity, memorial contributions can be made for a scholarship fund at Maryville University. Please forward your checks to Kate Ritter, Director and the Maryville University Bookstore in St. Louis, MO.

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Hope all of your special promotions are planned for and your fall has been a real success.

Ed Shields, President

New Managers

Mark Brixey is the new Bookstore Director for Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Mark was previously the Textbook Manager.

Len Fangmeyer was a "first-timer" at the Fall MSACS Meeting in Topeka, KS. Len is the manager of the Antelope Bookstore at the University of Nebraska – Kearney.

Improving Customer Service

Summary by Mary Jo Gothard

Iowa Trustee

Mid-States members were challenged to take a new look at improving customer service during Andy Jett’s mini seminar on October 16th. Jett made stores aware that along with selling products, we are always selling customer service.

Why bother improving customer service? You owe it to the customer! You owe it to your organization! You owe it to yourself! In today's bookstores, the customer is encouraged to go on-line and leave the store front behind.

The most important word in customer service is "yes" followed by the qualifier "happy customer." Jett reminded us that bookstores offer a family experience to students. We need to be a positive example for them.

Bookstores should answer with a smile whether it’s face-to-face, on the phone, or on-line. We need to create relationships with customers. What will make the difference in the long run is the care and feeding of customers.

Finally, remember that complainers are great! They give you the opportunity to fix their problems and keep them as customers, instead of saying nothing and taking their business elsewhere.

Special thanks to Andy Jett for an informative and encouraging seminar. Those attending finished with a quote from Sam Walton, "the only person who can fire everyone from the president on down is the customer!" Let’s take good care of them.

On the Road Again

Nancy Beaman, Newsletter Editor

When Judy Vitters and I left Topeka, KS to head home to Nebraska, we followed Joyce Kirk to Leavenworth, KS, and St. Mary College. As we drove through the beautiful Kansas scenery, we enjoyed looking at the fall foliage. We were impressed by the winding, tree-lined drive to the St. Mary campus.

Joyce has about 260 students on campus, but her store serves about 800 students with various programs. The store is not very large; about the size of a small classroom with an office/storeroom of about the same size. Right now, Joyce is dealing with multi-colored tiles on the floor, pink walls, and 5-6 ceiling to floor height windows. Joyce is hoping to replace the flooring or do some repainting this school year.

In spite of the space restrictions and the aging fixtures, Joyce has done an excellent job of displaying supplies, clothing, and gift items. At this time of the year, most of the textbooks are stocked in the storeroom. Joyce and her staff have used the vista above the fixtures to group related merchandise. We enjoyed our visit to Joyce’s store to see how she has implemented the knowledge she has gained from attending MSACS meetings.

Over the years Judy and I have visited many stores together. Perhaps we will soon visit a store in your area.

Tom Washburn, a long time associate in MSACS, had not been able to attend the Fall Meeting because of poor health. He had been diagnosed with cancer again and is working with oncologists to see what the plan will be to deal with this. Please spread the word and include him in your thoughts and prayers. His home address is 8608 Flora Ave., Kansas City, MO 64155

Chad Stith, the Conference Coordinator, is still finalizing the plans for the Spring Meeting. Check the web site ( to find out the details of the Nebraska meeting.


Donations and Prizes

In the past, MSACS attendees applied for scholarships to pay for travel expenses. A $100 scholarship was awarded to one person from each of the four states. This year the board decided to promote buying at the trade show by offering WIN-WIN certificates. At the Business meeting on Monday, two names were drawn from each state to receive a $50 gift certificate to spend at the trade show. Winners needed to be present at the Business meeting to be awarded. Listed below are the winners and where they spent their certificates:

Kelly Wilson, UMKC Bookstore – Douglas Stewart

Donna Cason, Devil’s Den at Allen CC – Apego

Nancy Beaman, Dana College Bookstore – Spirit Products

Len Fangmeyer, Antelope Bookstore – Time Out

Jim Haemker, Luther College Bookstore – Time Out

Denise Brown, Hawkeye CC Bookstore – Harcourt Health Sciences

Janet Wicks, SMSU Bookstore – Service Wholesale

Karen Peterson, Ottawa University Bookstore – coupon not redeemed

Aggieville Evening Sponsors

Varney’s Bookstore

CB Announcements

N Zone

K-State Student Union

Trade – Show Donations

Nebraska Book Company V-cart - Dave Payne (Textbook Team)

Four Point Products pad holders – Kate Ritter, Lori VanGerpen, Charlie Rutt

C2F, Inc. wrapping papers – Kathy Cameron

Willie Williams Sports Duckhead pull bag – Lorena Ingmire

Stephens Group Executive Organizer - Doug Johnson, Shelly Burrows, Nita Isenhour

JA Majors - Merck Manual – Cassie Wherry

2001 Drug Handbook – Kathy Yates

Signs and Symptoms Professional Guide – Judy Vitters

Wallace’s Book Company $250.00 credit memo – Charlie Rutt

Douglas Stewart SW Bell telephone - Teresa Vestal

Harcourt Health Sciences - Nursing Reflections – Joyce Kirk

Rittenhouse - Merck Manual – Sarah Albers

Dave Thornton and Associates - 22 MSACS logo padholders


Special thanks to Chad Stith’s staff from Washburn University for helping at the registration table and guiding us on the bus trip. Thanks also to Kay Farley’s staff at the K-State Union Bookstore and Jon Levin’s staff at Varney’s Bookstore for their tour guides.



Mid-States Association of College Stores

Business Meeting

Lady Luck Hotel

Bettendorf, IA

October 12, 1999

Meeting called to order by Pres. Ed Shield at 11:14

Minutes from Spring 99 Business Meeting read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: 95 paid store memberships, 68 paid associate memberships. Profits or losses from this meeting will be split between the associations based on the number of stores attendees. Necessary documentation will be filed at the end of the month. Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report. Seconded. Motion carried

Committee Reports

Fall Meeting

Ed Shields thanked Kathy Cameron for all her work in putting together the joint meeting with the Illinois Assoc. and announced the Board authorized comping her registration.

Spring Meeting

Will be no traditional spring meeting. The Board made the decision to meet during the NACS Annual Meeting in Nashville. The MSACS meeting will probably be held Mon. evening at the end of Camex. It was also noted Context will be held in St. Louis in February.

Fall 2000 Meeting

Chad Stith will serve as host the meeting Oct 15-18 in Topeka, Kansas.

Education Committee

Andy Jett thanked everyone for attending, and all of those involved in making this a great experience. A special thanks to Kathy Cameron and Sonda Ropp who have done a great job putting this meeting together.


Todd Mortvedt shared that at the Board Retreat a decision was made to come up with new logo. Todd shared the new logo the board voted to adopt. All new informational pieces will be updated.


Donna Cason introduced committee members


Janet Hardiman announced the winners of the $100 scholarships: Kansas - Teresa Vestal, Nebraska - Maxine Ward, Missouri - Myrna Clinkenbeard, and Iowa - Cynthia Richardson and Vendor - Kent Hunt from J & M. There will be scholarships available for the meeting in Nashville.


Carrie Mitchell thanked her committee and asked that members notify her of any newsworthy information such as: new employees, retirees, job openings, etc. The submission deadlines were also reviewed. She noted suggestions are very welcome, and encouraged all to be a part of the newsletter


Lynette Seymour announced that nominations are underway and that voting will take place by mail with a returned date of Dec 15, 1999.

Old Business

State Day

Joyce Kirk shared information on the State Day she hosted and encouraged others to try hosting one too!

Summer Leadership

Kay Newton, Shelly Burrows, and Ed Shields attended the Leadership Conference this summer in Oberlin.

Board Retreat-Web Page

Scott Trainer’s assignment at the Board Retreat was to research a Web Page for MSACS. Scott gave an overview of his research. The Board has directed Scott to bring back a written proposal.

New Business

Ed Shields received communication from NACS that the Leadership Conference and CSREF Symposium will be combined. He also noted that he has appointed a task force for review of the Constitution and By-Laws. Ed thanked the Associates who donated prizes.

Dale Walker asked committee members to assist him in creating their part of an overall operating budget.

Motion to Adjourn. Seconded. Motion carried Lori Van Gerpen, Secretary

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